Our Story

NIAC was born in 2017 when a steering committee consisting of leading local Indigenous artists held a series of meetings with the Community Arts Council of Prince George & District (CAC) and Prince George Community Foundation to explore how Indigenous artists in northern BC could be best supported.

  • That the existing Aboriginal Liaison position on the CAC Board of Directors be renamed Reconciliation Officer. (later changed to NIAC Chairperson)
  • That cultural sensitivity training be provided to the CAC Board of Directors and Staff on an annual basis.
  • That the CAC create a new employment position for an Indigenous Arts Administrator. The NIAC, with its 100% Indigenous membership, could potentially be an eligible applicant for certain funding opportunities, whereas the CAC may not be eligible. 
  • That the CAC create an Indigenous Arts Office in both its current and new facilities.
  • That the CAC continue to support the NIAC by providing space and resources for meetings, including administrative support, communications, bulk purchasing, etc.

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The panel contributing to the report consisted of the following individuals:
Ivan Paquette, Jennifer Pighin, Shirley Babcock, Len Paquette, Kim Stewart, Clayton Gauthier, Carla Joseph, Nigel Fox


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Our Vision

Northern Indigenous artists work collectively to achieve inclusive, accessible, and equitable opportunities for advancing traditional and contemporary Indigenous arts along with professional development opportunities. 

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Our Mission

The Northern Indigenous Arts Council is a proactive collective of Northern Indigenous artists who:

  • Are inclusive, accessible, responsive and equitable.
  • Address issues facing Indigenous artists in Northern British Columbia.
  • Advocate for Indigenous artists in Northern British Columbia.
  • Pursue and provide support and resources for Indigenous artists in Northern British Columbia.
  • Seek to create an Indigenous arts industry in Northern British Columbia where all Indigenous artists feel welcomed, supported and valued.

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