The Northern Indigenous Arts Council of Prince George (NIAC) is seeking volunteers to join their board team. The NIAC board operates under a working board model and is responsible for establishing the mission and vision of the organization, providing strategic planning and financial oversight, and undertaking initiatives to enhance the organization’s public image in the community.


What does the NIAC Board do?


The Northern Indigenous Arts Council is a proactive collective of Northern Indigenous artists who:

  1. are inclusive, accessible, responsive and equitable
  2. address issues facing Indigenous artists in Northern British Columbia
  3. advocate for Indigenous artists in Northern British Columbia
  4. pursue and provide support and resources for Indigenous artists in Northern British Columbia
  5. seek to create an Indigenous arts industry in Northern British Columbia where all Indigenous artists feel welcomed, supported, and valued


The Northern Indigenous Arts Council is comprised of a group of local Indigenous artists in Prince George BC who have a vision of working collectively to achieve inclusive, accessible and equitable opportunities for advancement of traditional and contemporary Indigenous arts and professional development opportunities

The NIAC is entering an exciting new chapter in its 5-year existence and is working to create a unique cultural destination in the City of Prince George. We are seeking new board members who will have passion and enthusiasm for Indigenous Art. Our board and staff members work as a united team, all while having fun collaborating to preserve, and grow, one of Prince George’s newest Indigenous organizations.

How much time is required?

Terms of office are a minimum of one year and may last until a successor is elected. Board members are expected to attend approximately nine meetings per year, each approximately an hour in length. Board meetings are typically held at 5pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, and meetings are in-person. Board members are also invited to play a volunteer role at special events, such as the 2023 Indigenous Arts Gathering, Studio Fair, and other NIAC events.

We are looking for individuals with:

  • Experience working on, or with, a volunteer governance/working board
  • Experience in finance, fundraising and facility development / management
  • Connections within the business, corporate, government or social services sectors
  • Experience with progressive arts programming

Interested in learning more? Please contact us per below, or submit the enclosed application to:
Diane Levesque, President

Mailing Address

I hereby apply for a volunteer position on the Board of Directors of the Northern Indigenous Arts Council of Prince George (NIAC) and consent to my application and the information contained herein to be reviewed by the staff and current board members of the NIAC. I acknowledge that I will be required to submit a Criminal Record Check to volunteer with vulnerable individuals.

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