Northern Indigenous Arts Council (NIAC) Artist Membership Criteria and Guidelines

NIAC is committed to creating partnerships and community allies with individuals and
groups who are non-Indigenous and have demonstrated support for the work and needs of Indigenous artists in Northern BC.
Membership acceptance relies upon preserving the integrity of Indigenous arts and cultures.
NIAC reserves the right to reject membership applications based on evidence that an artist 
submits regarding the identity, authenticity, and integrity of their art form(s). NIAC commits all resources to Indigenous artists and is very proud to support and amplify authentic, Indigenous
arts and artists in Northern BC. We can’t wait to meet you!

NIAC Membership Tiers:

Northern Indigenous Artists:

Indigenous artists living in or originating from Northern BC.
Cost: FREE
* Listed on Website as a Feature Artist (optional)
* Added to NIAC Mailing List (optional)
* Prioritized Opportunities for:

– group exhibitions
– art market tables

Indigenous Artists:

Artists that self-identify as Status or Non-Status First Nations, Métis, Inuit, or Native American.
* Listed on Website as an Indigenous Artist (optional)
* Added to NIAC Mailing List (optional)
* Opportunities for:

– group exhibitions
– art market tables

Friends of NIAC:

Individuals and/or organizations that value and appreciate traditional and contemporary art created by Indigenous individuals with a mandate in alignment with causes that provide positive support to Indigenous communities, organizations, and initiatives.
Cost: $20 Individual - $40 Organization
* Listed on Website as a Friend of NIAC (optional)
* Added to NIAC mailing list (optional)

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